Management Services



    • Maintain for each Association a separate record of Association assets, liabilities, income, and expense; individual members’ accounts; and individual vendor files through the use of QuickBooks Pro.

    • Provide to the Board of Directors monthly financial statements right after bank statements are available.

    • Prepare annual operating and reserve budgets.

    • Distribute year-end financials as required and provide financial information to the Association’s Certified Public Accountant for preparing the Association’s annual tax returns and IRS Form 1099s.

    • Provide a check register to the Board and establish an invoice approval procedure.

    • Establish and maintain bank accounts in the name of the Association.

    • Ensure timely collection of unit owner fees.


    • Discuss with the Board of Directors regulations, rules, policies, and procedures for the operation of the Association in accordance with Association governing documents and the Florida Statutes.

    • Organize and attend regularly scheduled Board meetings, Annual Membership meetings, and other Special Board and Member Meetings.  Prepare meeting and election packages; take meeting minutes.

    • Prepare and file the necessary forms as needed and as required to governmental agencies.

    • Maintain all the Association’s official records as provided by the Association’s documents and pursuant to the Florida Statutes.

    • Maintain and update a list of current owners’ names, addresses, and other contact information.  Maintain separate owner files.

    • Work with the Association insurance agent to obtain Directors and Officers insurance, Liability insurance, Fidelity Bonding, and Property and Casualty insurance.  Prepare insurance claims when necessary.

    • Provide office services.

    • Enforce rules and regulations of the Association to ensure compliance with Association documents.


    • Provide a detailed walkthrough inspection of the property.

    • Obtain a minimum of three (3) bids, maintenance contracts, and service contracts if required.  Monitor the performance of all contractors.  This does not imply professional knowledge by Allure staff of the work being performed.  Ensure that all contractors and vendors are licensed and insured, and that all services are in the best interest of the Association and at the lowest reasonable cost.

    • If applicable to the Association, coordinate the selection, hiring, direction, and discharge of on-site staff upon the direction of the Board of Directors.  Staff would be under Allure’s employment so staff may take advantage of payroll benefits not offered otherwise through the Association.  The Association would pay actual payroll costs including payroll taxes, benefits, insurance, and payroll administrative fees upfront.

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